Editore: HarperCollins USA
Collana: Memories of the Eagle and the Jaguar
Data uscita: 04/01/2021
EAN: 9780063062931
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Reunited once more, young Alexander Cold and his best friend, Nadia, embark upon a new adventure, following Alex’s frighteningly fearless journalist grandmother Kate to a forbidden kingdom hidden away in the frosty peaks of the Himalayas. They seek the fabled Golden Dragon—a sacred statue and priceless oracle coveted by a greedy and powerful outsider. To prevent the desecration of the holy relic, they will need the help of a sage Buddhist monk, his young royal disciple, and a fierce tribe of Yeti warriors. But even the mystical power of their totemic animal spirits may not be enough to save the teenagers and this remote world from the destructive encroachment of “civilization.”
Kingdom of the Golden Dragon is the second book in a remarkable trilogy by internationally acclaimed author Isabel Allende.